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greg.wood 03/10/2013

 Its a pleasure to announce the release of the new VideoStudio Pro X6! Here's the news release. Free trial available at 

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greg.wood 01/29/2013

You can learn more about relinking and other VideoStudio behaviours on Corel's knowledge base
Bryan asks by email:
"what does it mean when i click on a thumbnail in the media library and it says "relink"  what do i need to do?  thank you."

Hi Bryan,

The "Relink" window is basically an invitation for you to point VideoStudio to a clip that may have been moved on your system.

VideoStudio doesn't copy video or photos when you make a project. Instead, the VSP project file is essentially a list of "pointers" -- you add a video to the timeline and VideoStudio will remember where it is on your PC and what section of the clip you want to use.

If you move the source file (or, if you were working from a portable hard drive, you unplug the drive, etc.) VideoStudio will not be able to find it, and it will ask you to 'relink' the file either from its new location or with a replacement clip.

Thanks for the question! You can get this and other questions answered on our forums at, or on . You'll also find answers in the VideoStudio knowledge base, including an article on relinking, here. 




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greg.wood 12/20/2012

New 1.1 version of Corel AfterShot Pro takes managing your photo assets from fast to crazy fast.

Ottawa, CANADA. December 20, 2012.   It’s getting cold here in Canada’s capital and another snowy winter lies ahead for Corel’s hometown. But this season it’s not just our touques and polar fleece that’s bringing on the heat. Today’s launch of Corel AfterShot Pro 1.1 is firing up our photo portfolio—delivering unprecedented performance gains for PCs equipped with advanced processors (and very useful stability and feature enhancements for everyone.)
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greg.wood 06/22/2012


It is my pleasure to announce today at ISTE2012 in San Diego the availability of new curriculum for Corel VideoStudio Pro!

Thanks to its ease-of-use, speed and creativity in video editing, Corel VideoStudio Pro has been growing in education. When we talked to teachers and educational technology administrators, we were consistently asked if we could add curriculum to an offering that has become well-known for ease-of-use and instructional tutorials, whether they're on YouTube, in our Corel Guide, or on Corel's Discovery Centre website.

The curriculum materials that we're making available today provide the information students and teachers need to integrate video into their educational plans and deliver a wide range of benefits.

Read on after the jump to learn more about the benefits of Video in the classroom. Starting today you may download Corel's VideoStudio curriculum materials absolutely free.

Corel plans to evolve this curriculum on an ongoing basis, so please do post your feedback in the comments section and help us deliver the best possible tools to support video in Education. 

Corel VideoStudio Pro Teacher Guide
All the tools you need to get going with video in the classroom, including evaluation models and 17 sample lesson plans

Corel VideoStudio Pro Student Guide
Comprehensive, 170+page guide to video and VideoStudio in the classroom, including ease-to-follow introductions to key VideoStudio Pro features (version X4 and higher).

Corel Teacher Resources
Reusable tools to help teachers capture the power of video. A complete sample project, storyboard template, copyright permission forms, a project planning gant chart template, video log template and more!

And these are all free!