Dramatic Performance Gains Save VideoStudio Pro X5 Users Time and Effort

If you've seen our VideoStudio Pro X5 overview video, you may have noticed the above graphic depicting preview performance on multi-core processors.

The multithreading support that's new in VideoStudio Pro X5 means that when users of advanced multicore PCs preview video as they work on a project, they'll see their project unfold in real time--even if you're they're working with computing-intensive picture-in-picture effects or graphic overlays. While lots of video editing vendors will talk about performance and speed, this chart reflects the real benefit of high performance software: it allows you to work on your project without disruption to your creative flow. And that's really what the Corel VideoStudio team is trying to do: we're passionate about making an environment where you can get a creative video idea from your mind to the screen with as little effort as possible.

Under the hood

So that's the why -- but how do we do it?  The key lies with today's advanced multi-core processors. A multicore processor simply means that two or more processors are embedded on a single chip--allowing you to perform multple computing tasks at the same time. Wikipedia has a nice description of multicore processors and their potential:

"multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent actual processors (called "cores"), which are the units that read and execute program instructions.[1] The instructions are ordinary CPU instructions such as add, move data, and branch, but the multiple cores can run multiple instructions at the same time, increasing overall speed for programs amenable to parallel computing.[2] Manufacturers typically integrate the cores onto a single integrated circuit die (known as a chip multiprocessor or CMP), or onto multiple dies in a single chip package." 

In video editing, multicore processing can make a big difference--as soon as you start trying to work with multiple HD clips, add titles and effects, and so on, you're really going to start taxing your system's performance. A multicore processor can be used to dramatically accelerate transcode (ie. translating from one video format to another) or reduce rendering times. It can also be used to improve preview performance, as mentioned above. 

Faster Video Editing Doesn't Come for Free!

But just buying a multicore-equipped PC doesn't necessarily mean that your video editing experience will immediately improve. Software vendors must develop their software -- in a process we often call 'optimization' -- to take advantage of a multicore processor. For a software developer this means an investment of time, effort and expense--and that expense isn't always something a software developer wants to incur! If you own a multicore processor and find your software isn't working as fast as you'd expect, than you should think about testing other software to see if there's a difference! 

This is where VideoStudio Pro comes in. Our strongly-held belief is that lag, dropped frames and long render times can only hurt a user's creativity. Poor performance can lead to instability, a lack of productivity, and worst of all, lost work. So in the past few versions we've done our best to stablize and accelerate VideoStudio, investing heavily to build a high quality product that provides the best possible video editing experience. 

The result of our effort is that we now offer what we believe to be the fastest consumer video editing on the market. In our VideoStudio Pro X5 Reviewer's Guide we've documented the performance of VideoStudio Pro X5 vs. VideoStudio Pro X4 and several competing video editing titles (who shall go unnamed). Here's what we found:

(1) VideoStudio Pro X5 performs dramatically faster than X4 on multicore PCs
In VideoStudio Pro X4 we made our first important optimizations for multicore. We started offloading effects and certain specific tasks to different processor cores to make computing-intensive tasks faster. In X5, we've gone beyond that with multithreading. Multithreading allows us to process more tasks simultaneously, making pretty much everything in VideoStudio Pro X5 faster when using a multicore PC. Don't have multicore? With fewer cores available to work with, VideoStudio Pro X5 may not have the same dramatic speed gain version to version, but its still worth trying out to see the difference.

(2) In basic video editing tasks, VideoStudio Pro X5 is the fastest video editor that we've tested

One of the challenges of testing video editors is that pretty much any engineer can find a test case where their software is faster than another (if they wanted to). So in our tests, we've kept things simple and honest: we measured the time to transcode a short video clip from one format to another. No effects or edits added. Our results were impressive.

First of all, we found that both VideoStudio Pro X4 and VideoStudio Pro X5 use hardware acceleration to boost the speed and performance of the editing process; however, only one other competitor effectively uses hardware acceleration. This substantially narrows the field of potential video-editing software for performance-oriented users.

Second, we ran our transcode test and found that while both software brands performed very admirably, VideoStudio Pro X5 appears to come out on top, especially when working with AVCHD.
The following chart illustrates the result of this rendering test scenario, which transcoded a 10-minute HD video file from MPEG-2 to AVCHD format (specifically MPEG-2 1920×1080 to AVCHD 1440×1080):

 Faster transcode is better: the shorter bar means less time, and better performance
 VideoStudio Pro X5 is the fastest video editor we've tested
Result: VideoStudio Pro X5 rendered the 10- minute clip in 146 seconds (2 mins, 26 seconds) compared to 251 seconds (4 mins, 11 seconds) for Competitor A.That's 72% faster than the nearest competition!

 For a complete look at our benchmarks vs. competitors, check out the PDF reviewer's guide embedded below.

(3) X5 performance delivers an outstanding preview experience when working with HD video and overlays
While it's nice to claim that we're the fastest video editor, what that means to a user is what really counts. The bottom line is that our superior stability and performance allows you to perform some very computing-intense tasks without delay or complication. Working with HD? No problem, X5 can handle it. Want to overlay graphics? No problem, we have the horsepower! Want to add multiple HD clips in one scene AND overlays and titles? VideoStudio Pro X5 can handle all that too!

Giving our users the ability to exercise this kind of freedom to create which is the reason why we invest in performance and its also the achievement of which we're most proud. 

Try it and see for your self!

For anyone who cares about the speed of their video editing software, or are using a multicore PC with a previous version of VideoStudio, you really have to test out VideoStudio Pro X5. And why not? It's totally free and unlimited for 30 days. You can download the trial version here.

If you really want to geek out on benchmarks and see how we established the speed of VideoStudio Pro X5. Check out the performance section of our Reviewer's Guide (Chapter 6, starting on page 24) on our website or in the below viewer. We hope you'll be impressed!





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