VideoStudio People: Matt Goff On The Art of The BMX Video

For anyone who loves to ride bikes or who frequents the skate park, UK-based Matt Goff has videos worth a watch. A user of VideoStudio Pro X4, Matt recently posted a highly watchable highlight reel of BMX rider Todd Cleaver from Little Heath skatepark in Reading, UK. 

Matt kindly took some time out to answer @VideoStudio’s questions about his techniques, his gear and what inspires him.

What motivates you to spend the time shooting and editing your videos?

Well for a while now I have had such a big interest in filming and editing, I just find it good fun and it may sound weird but I get such a buzz from people recognising and enjoying my work. 

How did you get into video editing?

I used to just play aro
und with a mate and just experiment, over time I have gained more knowledge and experience and I have just stuck to it pretty much.

Your subjects are talented riders -- how did you get to know the subjects of your videos?

They’re just friends that I have met through school, skate park...etc. Over time people have heard more about me and a few people have just come up to me and asked for a video.

Do you work completely independently or collaborate on ideas with your friends?

Most of the time it’s all independent work, I sometimes use ideas from friends and recently whilst I have been working for G&H Media I have been working with as a team with other people.

Its really impressive that a young guy [Matt’s 14] is shooting such great stuff –you’re even involved with a multi-media company (G&H Media) -- how did you get here at such a young age?

Thank you! Well I guess practice makes perfect, yet I’m still far from perfect. Over time I have just tried to get my name/work around and I am friends with the people from G&H Media so they recognised what I can do and employed me to produce music videos, event coverage...etc.

You’ve got a lot of interesting shots in your Todd Cleaver video – slow mo, title sequences (0:16), tracking shots with action (0:18) – how did you come up with these and plan these shots out? Do you storyboard, or do you just “go with the flow?”
Well I used to just film free hand but that was all shaky and looked less professional. So I invested in some equipment over time and after watching 100’s of videos I just gained knowledge of what looks good and what doesn’t. Normally what happens when I make an edit is I just talk to the rider about what he wants and what he can do, and then after than it’s all improvisation and I just ‘go with the flow.’

How long did it take to shoot and produce your Cleaver video?
Well we only filmed over a couple of weekends at our local skate park so about 4 days filming total, and the post production process only took a few hours, I have been using Corel VideoStudio Pro for so long now that I have become so familiar with the software and I know how to get the most out of it.

At 1:57 there’s a really striking fisheye effect, which begs the question of how you capture some of your cool perspectives—how much of it is your gear, and how much your editing? (Gear list from YouTube: Sanyo Xacti VPC FH1; Opteka 0.43x AF fisheye lens; DV-S HOOD 37mm; Velbon CX 440 tripod; Opteka X-Grip; Opteka GLD-200 23" camera slider) how did you arrive at this set up?
Thanks, to be honest I don’t use too many effects on BMX videos and I prefer to do about 90% of it with the camera and equipment. The fisheye effect is with Opteka lens mentioned in the list. I arrived at the set up after lots of research and trying to save as much money as I could, I have had most of the equipment for a while now and it has come to be a massive help, all together I have probably spent about £450 on equipment including the camera.

Your main “axe” is your Sanyo Xacti VPC FH1—full HD, nice form factor—what do you like about the Xacti?
Well I have had the little camera for almost a year now, for the price I got it for (£250 off eBay for second hand) it has been brilliant! Its durable, the quality is full HD and it’s so versatile. But recently I have been looking into buying a more professional Canon DSLR to produce slightly higher standard videos.

You edited this in VideoStudio Pro X4. What attracted you to VideoStudio?
Yes, well when I was first looking for a piece of video software in there were about 30 to choose from, for some reason the box that Corel was in stood out, it attracted me to the product and I’m glad I did choose it because once you get to know it, it’s a great piece of software. The software is a great piece of software for starting out on and it’s really easy to use with some cool features. I started off with VSP X2, and since then I have used X3 and X4, I am also excited to try out Corel VideoStudio Pro X5. 

Matt uses VideoStudio Pro X4 - Launch in Winter 2011

Which video are you the most proud of?

Probably Todd Cleavers, because it’s one of my most recent and I think it has some of my best filming and editing in.

Do you plan on expending outside of extreme sports?
Yes, well to be honest I already have, Even though extreme sports are my main focus I have also made videos on a trip to London, Music videos, videos for parties and more.

Is this just a hobby or do plan to really pursue this as a career – as in go to film school etc.
It started off as just a hobby but now I want to make it my career, it’s my dream to study at a big film school and work with a big film production company. So I will have to keep working hard!

What’s your next project?
I have a few lined up, Soon I will be filming with Damo Wilkinson who is a professional Bmxer at Amity BMX. I also have a few music videos lined up to work on, so it’s all exciting stuff!
Thanks Matt! 
For sharing his experience with us, @VideoStudio is sending him a copy of VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate. Stay tuned for more profiles!Looking to connect with Matt or see more of his stuff? Check him out at:



 Keep watching to see what Matt does next!



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started off as just a hobby but now I want to make it my career, it’s my dream to study at a big film school and work with a big film production company. So I will have to keep working hard! seo services company

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