Soccer Intro and Transition "Sprite"

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This is a MotionStudio3D project example. (You must have MotionStudio3D to open this project)

Over the weekend the local highschool team won a soccer tournament. I decided to put a short  highlight video together using MotionStudio3D and VideoStudio.

I first opened the MotionStudio 3D model of the logo revolving around the world. I deleted the world model and replaced it with the soccerball model. I changed the soccerball  "Ball2" object to the team color (Red). I then edited the revolving text and repalced it with "Champions!".

For added effect I added an explosion of the word (Champions) at the end of the animation and had the ball fly off the screen to the right. In additon I added the TrueMotion Blur  and Depth of Field global filters to the scene.

For the transition between highlights I wanted a soccer ball flying from left to right. I copied the soccerball model and pasted it into a new scene. I then animated it over 15 frames and had it come in from the left and leave to the right. I used this sprite in the overlay track in VideoStudio whenever there was a transtion.

I've included both models so you can experiment.

Bonus points: I shot the video in 720p and set my MotionStudio dimensions to 1280x720. The quality, with Truemotion Blur and Depth of Field is amazing!

Have fun.



i like it

i like it



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